Twitter for Job Hunters

What the heck is twitter? Twitter is a way to talk and listen to a variety of people online. Think of it as a cocktail party. You talk to one person, and then move on to someone else. Ok, but how does this help the person looking for a job? Let’s take a look.

1) I started on twitter by signing up for an account (use your real name) and then I started following a few people. This gave me a feel for how people use the allotted 140 characters to make others interested in the ‘tweet’.
2) I decided to start posting but first I determined why I wanted to post. It is important to remember that ANYTHING you post is searchable by an employer. If you think they won’t look or won’t care you are mistaken.
3) There is no need to tweet anything or to follow anything. You can simply search for a company you are interested in or look for people in your industry.
4) Here are resources: an eBook to help you get started, information about #hashtags (search twitter by subject), and 50 twitter tips for job seekers.
5) Twitter is a more sophisticated tool than people realize. The tools for researching companies and people, establishing yourself as an expert and building your network are available to you. If you begin…

 Twitter for Beginners – EBook

 50 Twitter Tips for Job Seekers tips-for-job- seekers

 How to Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags

Fun and Interesting Free/Inexpensive Things to Do in Rochester

If you haven’t driven by Vince Massaro house on the eastside of Rochester (not far from Park Ave.) to see his yard; you are in for a treat. I saw him out working the other day and stopped to say hello and thank him for keeping his yard so interesting. He’s always changing it.

Twitter page

Twitter page

Joyfully Jobless

To love what you do and feel that it matters, how could anything else be more fun? Katherine Graham

What would it take for you to be joyfully jobless? Think about it for a minute. Would $500,000 do it? Have you thought about being an entrepreneur? Have you wondered what it would be like to have your own business?

I have not only thought about it, I had a marketing consulting practice. I did a lot of research, wrote a business plan, rented an office and created a web site. It was harder than I thought. Finding the work, doing the work and running the business (legal, accounting, etc.) proved a good challenge. September 11, 2001 squashed my dreams. The good news is I learned a lot. The experience makes me a better employee.

There are so many options for self employment. Where should you start?
These books that help you begin to think about doing it differently.
• Making a Living Without a Job: Winning Ways For Creating Work That You Love (learn more about the author at:
• Caught Between A Dream and A Job – D. MacNeall II
• Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers
• Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want And Getting It – Henriette Klauser

Today, I volunteer as a SCORE volunteer. SCORE is a national volunteer organization of experienced business professionals offering free, confidential counseling to new and existing businesses. If you are considering starting your own business, including franchising, service businesses, etc.; I suggest you visit or contact me and I can help you get started with them.

Fun and Interesting Inexpensive/Free Things to Do in Rochester
If you haven’t explored the High Falls area downtown, I recommend it.
At the very least you will see the 96 foot drop waterfall and the bridge, Pont de Rennes which is dedicated to our sister city in France. The Triphammer Forge and, if you plan it right, a laser light show across the falls, make this worthwhile.
For more information:

High Falls Rochester, NY

High Falls Rochester, NY

Best Career Strategies 2009 – 26 Ways To a More Effective Job Search

A few years ago, standard advice for a job seeker would have included: get a degree or spiff up your resume. I found a report that is a compilation of suggestions from various individuals about the NEW job search and how to really take a new approach to landing in this hyper-competitive job market.

Their suggestions range from, “Be the CEO of YOU, Inc.” to “See Yourself in 3 Dimensions”. I particularly liked, “Get very, very clear on the type of work you truly want,” describing that this market will not tolerate the, “I can do anything you need” attitude. For each job there are many individuals with the specific skills to that job. It’s an employers market.

Being the CEO of you suggests these strategies:
1. Develop a mission/vision statement. Understand who you are/where you’re going.
2. Develop a plan. Include having the right relationships (vendors, customers, etc.).
3. Developing a strategic board of directors.
4. Ensuring your product is up to date, up to par, get training, learn, and grow.
I would add the standard “network”, with the caveat to use as many of the social media tools as possible. Use of these tools demonstrates an ability to adapt and pay attention to trends. If visibility = opportunity, then the more visible you are, the more likely you are to get noticed for positions. Keep the funnel open

There is something here for everyone. I would add involve your family in a positive way. You are showing them how to cope in difficult circumstances. Also, have fun. Do something everyday that you might not be able to do if you were working.

Fun and Interesting Inexpensive/Free Things To Do in Rochester
Visit the Rochester Public Library Downtown. If you have small children and you haven’t yet taken them to the children’s room, you are in for a treat. Not only is the room delightful but they have a chance to explore the ‘secret doorway’. For events go to:
The Business section has an abundance of information to help learn about potential employers. The librarians are patient and helpful. How about Rochester history? Job hunting help?

Are You a Tree or a Bird?

Looking out the window this morning, I saw a goldfinch fly by pines, beeches and oaks and I thought, ‘Am I a tree or a bird?’ A tree has deep roots, stands tall and observes. A bird flits around seeing new things. At first I thought I was a bird. Big picture is my style. Then I realized I had more tree in me. My point is: thinking of yourself in new and fun ways may make it easier to project those desirable qualities to others.

I looked online for a quiz: ‘what kind of animal am I’ but they had pop-up ads, were too complicated or asked for personal information. Think about what kind of animal your personality represents. I used to think of myself as a cheetah. Now I think I’m more like an owl. Understanding yourself, how you relate to others and how you adapt to the herd, pod, flock or murder (crows) may be a measure of your hire-ability (I think I just made that up!)

Here’s a fun game to play with your family in the car. Ask each person what kind of animal they think they are and why. The answers may surprise you.

Fun and Interesting Free/Low Cost Things to Do
Traveling with Kids – Ideas
1. Game for two players – Have each child guess if there are more license plates that end in an odd number or an even number. (plates that end in a letter don’t count)
2. Start this game out by saying, “I’m going on a trip and I’m bringing…” . The first player should name an item that starts with the letter “A.” The next player names something that starts with the letter “B”, and so on.
3. For online printable games & puzzles, check out:

Want to be the Director of Wine Studies at a College?

Sometimes I see a job and say, “Wow, what would I need to do to qualify for a job like that?” My son went to Cornell and took a wine tasting class in his senior year. The professor’s preparation must be fun! The point is…how can I decide what I want and go after it.

The choices I made in my career often centered on the needs of my family. I worked part time for many years by my own choice. As I negotiated a new position (5 positions over 20 years), I requested a part time schedule. I told my employer that I was a bargain (my brain and creativity full time for part time pay.) At my suggestion, my new boss and I agreed that we would try it for 2 months. At a designated date, we would sit down and discuss how it was going. Not one boss changed the arrangement.

Tip for today: Follow your dreams. Figure out what would really make you happy, then do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Don’t let negative thoughts deter you. So many people told me I couldn’t blah, blah, blah. I ignored them.

When I talk to people, they often say, “I don’t know what to do” or I’m so uncomfortable talking to strangers”. Believe me, I understand. When I go to a networking event, I set a goal of meeting 3-5 new people. When I have done that, I am free to leave. Sometimes I stay, sometimes I go.

Having FUN – Interesting, Free or Inexpensive Things To Do
Visit Rochester’s 100+ Year Old Public Market
Support our local farmers and work for sustainability by buying from at the Market. See our own for a what you’ll find there.