500 Jobs a Minute Added to Twitter

I regularly talk to groups about social media and there are still a surprising number of people who insist that Twitter is stupid. They know nothing about it, they’ve never used it, but they are certain it’s useless. They are like this dog.  Asleep.

As I go through my talk, inevitably the most vocal opponent (the one who kept telling me how insightful they are and how stupid I am) sees the light and suddenly  wants my help. Hmmm…

Why are there so many jobs posted on Twitter?

— It’s free, fast, easy, has an incredibly broad reach AND all those people who think social media  is stupid won’t be looking there!

Back to the job hunt. Of those 500 job posts per minute, there are, of course, redundant jobs BUT… the question is… how can you use what’s there to help you?

Using Hashtags to Boost Your Job Search is a terrific article on how to use Twitter effectively (Hashtag =# = keywords).  Hashtags such as #jobs, #jobadvice, #jobhunt and #jobsearch offer both job openings and general job search advice.  If you’re looking for high-level information to help your job search,  start here.

Put the hashtag in the twitter search bar and up will pop articles (links) that may help you.  Geographic hashtag can narrow your search, #roc = Rochester, NY.  Also, there are hundreds of recruiters on twitter, Check out this resource. Follow the smart people on Twitter and you might be surprised how much you’ll learn. Got  Twitter job search tips? Please share.

The Power of Two

I have a friend who talks about the power of two. One person can make a huge difference in the lives of many people. However, 2 people, joined in purpose and intent, can move mountains.

I believe that the way that we work, play and innovate is undergoing a revolution and social media/web 2.0 are at the heart of it. Beyond Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are wikis, online communities, videos, ning groups, meet ups, blogs, podcasts and so many more cool ways to communicate that we have barely begun to scratch the surface.

Back in the mid-1990’s, we used altavista to search for information on the then new “world wide web.” Remember?  If we had to use a search tool like that today, we would be tearing our hair out. The tools we have for collaboration are similarly unsophisticated compared to what we’ll have at our fingertips in just a few short years. The ways we want to work together are already evolving faster than the toolkit.

I have started a new blog, A Collaboration Nation to share ideas and get us thinking not only about tools for sharing ideas, but also how we work together. I came across a book called “The Power of Two” and from it, I took this excerpt;

Effective allies agree with these 3 statements:

  • We focus on each other’s strengths, not weaknesses.
  • We accept each other as we are and don’t try to change each other.
  • We are understanding of each other when one of us makes mistakes.

In those cases where you work with one other person, how effective are you as a partner? When we focus on the power we have to make great things happen, guess what; great things happen.

Wasting Your Life Trying to Make a Living

So we hear a lot of blah, blah about doing what you love and following your passion. Great you say, but Ive got bills to pay and kids to feed.  Well, we can go around whining about our job/having no job, sucky boss/having no boss and as the song goes, ‘wishin’ and hopin’, plannin’ and dreamin’ but none of this will do any good unless we decide to take action. My favorite saying is…

Don’t try harder, try different.

So how do I figure out what different is or looks like?  TAKE ONE STEP.

People – Look objectively at the people you spend time with. Are they positive, energetic people? Are they interested in living? Do you feel energized after being with them or drained.? Be with people who are upbeat and honest. It’s a choice to surround ourselves with people who are engaged.

Actions – Review how you spent your time in the past week. How much of what you did fell into these 3 categories:

  1. You were learning something
  2. You were having fun
  3. You felt appreciated (or loved if it’s your family)

If you’re not getting two out three of these then ask yourself…What am I going to do? What’s stopping you?  Also, on the flip side of this,  do you consciously teach, make things fun and show appreciation everyday?

Just for today, if you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired- take care of those needs first. Then take a few minutes to think about either the people in your life or the actions that you are taking.  If you’re not sure what to do, talk it over with someone you trust who understands. You deserve it.

This post was inspired by Julien Smith’s post, Your Happiness is Not Your Own, “Perdre sa vie à la gagner.” Je veux dire, jamais!