Job Search – Going Mobile!

Wow, I knew a lot of things were moving to the mobile space but job hunting? Check out this image of mobile screens from Starbucks. Yes, attention folks; phones are for a lot more than games and email. Before you dismiss this as “not for jobs like the one I’m looking for'”, please check out this article from

Nielsen Research indicates that nearly half of American adults will have ‘smart phones” by the end of 2011. Mobile payment structures, comparison shopping, geolocation, interest driven profiles, group buying and so much more are evidence that this (r)evolution is coming on strong.

Are you prepared? Do you understand what mobile is going to do to your business? Let me know what you think about mobile.

Do Not Read This. Especially Today.

Every morning I fill the kettle and boil water, get  out my Aunt Dorothy’s big china mug and brew myself a cup of tea. As it’s brewing, I often think of Brits in WWII who used the same teabag over and over. As I stand there, dipping the bag, I think of how grateful I am that I have the luxury of a new teabag everyday.

I’m writing this at 4am because I can’t sleep. This past week, this is what I heard people (some of my favorites) getting all upset about:

  • their dry cleaning wasn’t ready as promised
  • their table at a restaurant wasn’t available when promised
  • their kids aren’t getting what they were used to for Christmas (due to their unemployment)

You get my drift.

My friends served in the Vietnam War. To this day I cringe at the sound of a helicopter (napalm explosions to follow…)

I know several people who have loved ones serving our country today in all parts of the world.

Get a grip folks.

Do you have food, clothing and shelter? Are the people you love the most in good health? If so, count yourself among the luckiest people on the planet. Please, just for today, shut the ____ up.

image found at Dark Roasted Blend

Tell Me About Your Biggest Weakness (You Loser)

Recently I was helping someone prepare for an important interview by asking her all kinds of questions. One that caught her flatfooted was, “Tell me about one of your weaknesses.” Arghhh. Who’s prepared to answer that stupid question? You could try:

— “I’m a know-it-all perfectionist and I need to be in charge.”

— “People drive me crazy and I’m not a team player.”

— So why not say… “I don’ t have any weaknesses.”

Hmmm, that just screams — I have NO self awareness. Not a good answer.  Are you a grown up who understands his/her shortcomings and what to do about them? Or are you a shallow so and so who will just make everyone nuts?

We all have strengths (by the way, can you answer that important question?) and we all have little places that could use improving. The goal is to reply with something that you are really working on but not admit that you are a loser.

For example, I like to say something like…”I’m always working on my listening skills. I try to make sure that I am hearing the other person well enough to repeat back what they just said to me.”  I say this because I really believe that listening is one of the most important skills in any person’s toolkit.

I also like the, “I’m very dedicated to the job and am working on seeking balance….” Yeah, don’t hire me because I work too hard.

Check out the article, “How to Answer the, ‘What’s Your Biggest Weakness’ Question”.  Be honest but not too honest. The interviewer is listening and watching to see how you handle yourself in a difficult situation. Be prepared and then relax.