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Guerrilla Hiring (Not Hiring Guerillas)

I often talk with job hunters, HR folks and recruiters about how hiring continues to evolve; think mobile/social recruiting.

When I read this post about a woman who recently applied to,  interviewed for and landed a job in less than a week; I was amazed (job on east coast and she lived on the west coast!)

Here’s her story…

“So, on a fluke, I emailed them my resume. By the next afternoon, I had already done a Skype™ interview with HR and they assigned me a project so they could see my work. I emailed my project, they loved it and offered me a job. I was on an airplane that Sunday and started work on Monday!” What’s on Karen’s Plate

Let’s examine this. She…

1) Wasn’t even looking for a job., she ‘stumbled’ across this posting and decided it was her dream job

2) Sent a resume and someone actually looked at it (wow)

3) Interviewed via Skype™  (candidate and hiring manager actually saw each other, felt the mutual energy, etc.)

4) Completed an assignment (wow again). (So this means that the company actually knew enough about the job to have an assignment that an interviewee could complete and then they made it easy for her to submit it.)

5) Evaluated the organization – I wonder what they did to help her understand their culture? (Made interviewing completely painless!)

Of course all interviews can’t happen like this but imagine streamlining the process to even vaguely resemble something like this. What if you Skype interviewed several candidates? If they don’t know how to use Skype — do you want to hire them? and… can you use Skype?

As a hiring manager, do you have an ‘assignment’ for your short list of candidates?

As someone how waited months for a job to — ‘get approved’, ‘open up’, have a new ‘description/classification written’, etc., this whole thing blows me away. In a good way!

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6 seconds = How Long Your Resume Gets Looked At…

Have you ever been on the hiring side of a resume? It’s not fun.

You often feel like this guy. Overwhelmed by ‘paper’ and buzzwords that don’t tell you anything.

Before you spend more time and get more opinions about your resume, check out this article, “How Recruiters See Your Resume…” Take a look at the heat map associated with this article.

It tells us that the more structured your resume, the easier it is for those 6 seconds to be productive and get you into the consideration pile vs. the no way pile.

The goal of the resume is to… wait for it… get you an interview! Be sure to think of it that way. It’s not to document your entire work history.

By the way, how’s your Linked In profile? Do you have 300 connections? Do you belong to several groups? Have you uploaded your PowerPoint presentations? Do you answer questions? Make sure you include a live link to your Linked In profile from your resume.

Now go forth and streamline that resume!

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Pay Me To Interview, Pay Me to Work.

Oh my but the world of job search is changing in so many ways, I feel like my head is going to explode.  This article, “How Real Time Web Changes Job Search,”is jammed full of ideas, websites and concepts relating to job search.

If you are in HR or looking for work; you need to read this article. Here are just few of the highlights:

On Twitter alone “more than a million tweets about job openings go out every month from 6,000+ employers and 7,700+ job channels via

– The traditional job board is disappearing and being replaced by ‘direct sourcing’ which is when hiring decision-makers “identify, reach out to, engage, and convert” only the highly desirable candidates. Passive candidates become the new gold. The better your digital footprint, the easier you’ll be to find.

– Job sites are adding “Who do I know”? buttons to their sites so you can see who you know at a company without going to Linked In.

And one of my favorites… Paid It actually pays candidates when they successfully interview (read: get hired) and has a virtual water cooler feature which is “a place for candidates to talk about their past employment experiences, it’s like Amazon product ratings, but for companies. It’s a place where you can get unbiased answers about employers around the world.”

If you’re a company with a lousy culture… the good old days might be evaporating before your very eyes. Between sites like and and social networking; hiding is going to get tougher. Ahhh, transparency. Welcome.

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Unemployed Are Not Being Considered for Some Open Positions – #Fail

A disturbing trend in recruiting involves employers not even considering the resume of someone who is unemployed. Here’s the text from a recent job ad:

“Will not consider/review anyone’s resume who is NOT currently employed — regardless of the  reason.”

The company who posted the ad believes that it’s better for them to get a new employee from the ranks of those who are currently working and happy. Hmmm…

Now we can debate the pros and cons of that logic but in a world where there are multiple candidates for any job, employers need to find some way to separate qualified from unqualified candidates. Apparently, under the law, using current employment status as a filter for screening candidates is not illegal unless it has a ‘disparate impact’ on minority groups.

Whining about how this isn’t fair won’t get us anywhere. We need to ignore these companies and find a job. For the employed who are looking for a new opportunity I suggest that you stay away from any company that uses a person’s ‘current employment status’ as a criteria for employment. When they have cuts, what will the criteria be? People whose parents need care? People whose children have a chronic illness?

If it looks like discrimination and sounds like discrimination… it probably is.

For those of you who are unemployed, my suggestion is– DO NOT spend 2 seconds thinking about these short-sighted employers. If you are consistently building your skills (in this you have the advantage over your employed brethren) and have a positive attitude; it will all work out. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

And now for something completely different – Companies are hiring!

Looking for good news in a sea of glop, please read this yahoo article on companies that are hiring. Yikes, hiring?  Even you do not want to relocate, you might see something or get an idea of a local company that could provide services to one of these national companies.

Rule #1 – go where the jobs are. That doesn’t necessarily mean move from where you live, but keep an open mind. You never know who’ll meet.

Rule #2 – Look at jobs not just for the position but also for companies that might interest you. Research them, get to know them.

Rule #3 – Listen to the words of wisdom from the yahoo article referenced above.

HotJobs 100: Updated for 2009 -Find great jobs from our top 100 companies, hiring now…

1. Don’t rely on one resume and cover letter. The longer the job search, the more custom resumes and cover letters you will need. Your resume and cover letter should match your skill-set to that particular job’s qualification requirements.

2. Don’t limit your possibilities. Unless it’s drastically lower than your job expectations, a lesser title, pay or benefits may at least get you in the door .Once you’ve landed a job, you will have a chance to prove yourself. If at all possible, also be flexible in where you can work.

3. Don’t get discouraged. Discouragement is only in your mind. The reality is every day you look for work is a new day. What happened the day or week or month before is history. Shake off disappointments with a quick ‘pity party’ and then let it go.

4. Don’t stop looking until you actually have the job. Because stuff happens, keep your job search going until you have a contract or start date. Too often, candidates stop looking once they have an interview!

I could tell stories about #4 but you probably have already heard them. Your job is to find work, don’t stop until you start working at another job. Here’s another link with even more hiring!
The Spreadsheet of Sunshine: Who’s hiring

Enjoying Your Life – Free or Inexpensive FUN things to do

If you have children of any age, there are so many things to do with them. You know what they are; you just have to find time to enjoy them instead of stressing about how to support them. Today, you are a role model; they are watching how you handle stress and change. When was the last time you colored with your kids? My dad used to draw a curlicue on piece of paper and then we had to draw and invent something from it. You might be surprised at how much fun it is. This isn’t an art lesson. No criticizing. Accept and praise whatever they make. You have to draw too. If you can’t draw well, (the drawing gene was given to my sister – she makes beautiful paintings) make it silly. The worse it is, the more your kids will love it.