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Low Hanging Fruit — It Might Be Rotten

There are a growing number of career development communities. Check out this article that highlights 5 different sites. Four of them I am familiar with: Linked In,, Monster Career Advice Forum and Glassdoor. Beyond and Monster can be particularly helpful if you are looking to switch careers.

I really like glassdoor because you can get the inside scoop on a company. The site consists of reviews by employees who rate their job, the organization, their salary and the CEO. Of course you need to take each review with a grain of salt. I scanned through the company reviews of those listed in Rochester and I have to say that I agree with the overall ratings of the CEO’s where some are as low as 17% and others as high as 86%.

But the one that made me write this post is Here’ s how the article describes it,  “BranchOut is a new career networking site that integrates with Facebook, so it’s very easy to set up. You can also import your LinkedIn profile, which eliminates the need to double-enter information….it’s an option for people trying to utilize Facebook in both a personal as well as professional way — just make sure your Facebook profile is well-maintained.”

Here’s my concern. First of all, I can’t look at the site unless I give them access to my Facebook information. Remember, every time you give another site permission to access your Facebook data; the site gains access to all your information and cam potentially expose things that are posted to your wall. The next issue I have is;  make sure your ‘”Facebook profile is well-maintained.”  The article then links to an article from summer 2010. This is very outdated information for keeping your Facebook information private.  If they really cared, they’d at least make sure to give us up to date information on such an important issue.  I can only say, beware. A little research reveals a problematic situation.  Do what you think is best, but please be careful.

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Surprise? Find Yourself Online

I consider myself moderately savvy when it comes to social media. Several months ago, I went to check my name online to see what potential employers would find. I put my name into Google and guess what I found, one of my daughter’s pages. She had named it after me thinking that no one would ever look for me online. Surprise, surprise.

To look for your potential surprises, go to Google and type in your name. Try a couple of different iterations, full first and full last, first initial and full last. Click through the entries (all the pages). You want to see everything that is found. No surprises, thank you.

If you have a common name, that can be a good or a bad thing. A potential employer may not be able to find you (good or bad?) If you WANT the employer to find you, you are going to need to make it easy for them. Include all your contact links on your resume and in the signature line of your emails.

In addition, I think it is good to think carefully about what information you want to show. Not only can employers find you but so can spammers and sales people of all sorts. Protect yourself. My next blog will talk more about security.

My contact links:

Other place to look for yourself.
• Facebook
• Zoominfo
• Spoke
• Pipl

If you know other places to research your online presence, please comment.

Fun and Interesting Free/Inexpensive Things to Do In Rochester
I love public art. Remember “Horses on Parade”? Rochester was alive with public art. If you like graffiti, sculpture, stained glass and more. Look at this site. Some of our own local talent, many of whom have world wide reputations, are represented. See Wendell Castle, Albert Paley, Paul Knoblauch and many others.

Twitter for Job Hunters

What the heck is twitter? Twitter is a way to talk and listen to a variety of people online. Think of it as a cocktail party. You talk to one person, and then move on to someone else. Ok, but how does this help the person looking for a job? Let’s take a look.

1) I started on twitter by signing up for an account (use your real name) and then I started following a few people. This gave me a feel for how people use the allotted 140 characters to make others interested in the ‘tweet’.
2) I decided to start posting but first I determined why I wanted to post. It is important to remember that ANYTHING you post is searchable by an employer. If you think they won’t look or won’t care you are mistaken.
3) There is no need to tweet anything or to follow anything. You can simply search for a company you are interested in or look for people in your industry.
4) Here are resources: an eBook to help you get started, information about #hashtags (search twitter by subject), and 50 twitter tips for job seekers.
5) Twitter is a more sophisticated tool than people realize. The tools for researching companies and people, establishing yourself as an expert and building your network are available to you. If you begin…

 Twitter for Beginners – EBook

 50 Twitter Tips for Job Seekers tips-for-job- seekers

 How to Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags

Fun and Interesting Free/Inexpensive Things to Do in Rochester

If you haven’t driven by Vince Massaro house on the eastside of Rochester (not far from Park Ave.) to see his yard; you are in for a treat. I saw him out working the other day and stopped to say hello and thank him for keeping his yard so interesting. He’s always changing it.

Twitter page

Twitter page

Best Career Strategies 2009 – 26 Ways To a More Effective Job Search

A few years ago, standard advice for a job seeker would have included: get a degree or spiff up your resume. I found a report that is a compilation of suggestions from various individuals about the NEW job search and how to really take a new approach to landing in this hyper-competitive job market.

Their suggestions range from, “Be the CEO of YOU, Inc.” to “See Yourself in 3 Dimensions”. I particularly liked, “Get very, very clear on the type of work you truly want,” describing that this market will not tolerate the, “I can do anything you need” attitude. For each job there are many individuals with the specific skills to that job. It’s an employers market.

Being the CEO of you suggests these strategies:
1. Develop a mission/vision statement. Understand who you are/where you’re going.
2. Develop a plan. Include having the right relationships (vendors, customers, etc.).
3. Developing a strategic board of directors.
4. Ensuring your product is up to date, up to par, get training, learn, and grow.
I would add the standard “network”, with the caveat to use as many of the social media tools as possible. Use of these tools demonstrates an ability to adapt and pay attention to trends. If visibility = opportunity, then the more visible you are, the more likely you are to get noticed for positions. Keep the funnel open

There is something here for everyone. I would add involve your family in a positive way. You are showing them how to cope in difficult circumstances. Also, have fun. Do something everyday that you might not be able to do if you were working.

Fun and Interesting Inexpensive/Free Things To Do in Rochester
Visit the Rochester Public Library Downtown. If you have small children and you haven’t yet taken them to the children’s room, you are in for a treat. Not only is the room delightful but they have a chance to explore the ‘secret doorway’. For events go to:
The Business section has an abundance of information to help learn about potential employers. The librarians are patient and helpful. How about Rochester history? Job hunting help?

Getting Strong Now (Hear the Rocky theme playing?)

Let Rocky Show Us the Way
Well, we don’t have to beat up slabs of beef but staying upbeat is important for job seekers. Sad sacks, like Winnie the Pooh’s Eeyore ( turn off potential employers. The ups and downs can be rough on us and those around us. Taking good care of ourselves is the best thing we can do for our loved ones and our job search.

Don’t Eat Right and Don’t Exercise
Not really. Do what you can to maintain a healthy weight, but cut yourself some slack. I don’t like working out but I do it because I feel better: the endorphins and a feeling of accomplishment lift my spirits. If you don’t have access to a gym, find stairs to climb. If the weather’s bad, walk at the mall. Find a buddy to exercise with. It’s a good networking opportunity. Set a small goal like two hours of walking a week.

Pay Attention to Your Attitude
I haven’t watched network or most local news for years. So am I an uninformed slug? I hope not. I pick and choose my sources, mostly online. I think about H.A.L.T: am I hungry, angry, lonely or tired? If so, I take action. I meet regularly with my two unemployed “buddies.” They understand how I feel better than anyone else. I tell them about my goals and report my progress.

Enjoying Your Life – Free or Inexpensive FUN Things to Do
Take a Walk through American History
Visit Ganondagan (ga·NON·da·gan), site of the historic Seneca community in Victor, NY. Tour a full-size replica of a 17thc. Seneca Bark Longhouse; walk miles of self-guided trails. Their ongoing events include visiting a living beaver dam, watching art demonstrations are free or $3/adult. You can also attend the annual dance and music festival in July .

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Confidence…. 7 Ways to Help Yourself Get Hired

Confidence – most of us have it in varying degrees. What qualities make you appear self-assured and confident? The adjectives vary, but “resourceful” and “accomplished” come to mind. How you present yourself matters: your posture, clothes and the way you speak. Here are some things to think about:

1. See yourself as the answer to an employer’s prayers. Not cocky, but believe in yourself.
2. Figure out how to communicate trustworthiness. Anyone hiring is taking a chance and they want to hire well. Give them every reason to think you will make them look good.
3. Speak positively. No waffling or being negative, about anything.
4. Ask for the job. Tell the hiring manager the job interests you and you’d like to contribute to the continuing success of the organization. Decide before you go in you’ll keep an open mind no matter what the employer presents. Mid-interview negativity shows.
5. Find a creative way to get introduced. Send an employer a coffee cup with a $5 swipe card and a little note:”I’d like to get together and talk with you over coffee. I’ll be calling soon.”
6. Consider using a ‘Visual Resume’ or other creative ways to demonstrate your credentials and skills.
7. Shake hands firmly. Smile. will video you in a mock interview. I did this and even though I was conscious of trying not to say ‘um,’ I still said it several times. There’s nothing like actually seeing yourself to highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

Check out these online resources:
Day-of-interview tips:

Laugh out loud examples of what not to do.

Enjoying Your Life – Free or Inexpensive FUN Things to Do
The Lilac Festival starts May 8th. See all the free events (events with a charge say “ticketed”)